Importation business is basically a new way to buy a product from foreign land easily and have it shipped to Nigeria. Therefore we shall be making use of the Internet as tools to make it successful. For the purpose of this online importation, we shall be considering China as our focus. About 70% of the good import to Africa is manufactured in China.
China has become one of the largest economies in the world after the USA. But the advantage of doing business with China is that they offer the product based on the customer demand and standard.

The website I will be focusing on is you can buy a cheap product here as low as 0.5 dollars (#200) or less and sell it for #10,000 to #20,000 depending on the product you order for.

Please if truly you want to make a huge amount of money on mini importation business don’t buy from ALIEXPRESS.COM, DHGATE.E.COM, ND ALIBABA.COM
They can send you back to your village lol.

Most of the sellers on these sites buy from and they resell the products at a huge price, they can send you back to your village if you buy from them. Only buy from the only issue with is, it in Chinese language but don’t worry I will show you how you can successfully buy from and deliver your product here in Nigeria with ease.

Use Google chrome to visit and translate the website to English, don’t bother you self to signup I will show you how you can buy from we will be using some agent who are Chinese and also understand English.
All you need to do is to search for the product and send the product link to any of this agent and they will help you source for it, tell you the product and shipping cost in naira, once you make payment they will ship the product to you within 3 to 7 days, then you can start selling.

You all knew that no business will be profitable without an adequate market to sell its product. Same applies to importation business. Before you start importing goods you need to go to the market and find what people have needs and want. The secret to success here is to only concentrate on those products that people are willing to pay for no matter the cost.

The example of this product is the products that solve their problem, household products which have become extremely popular or is the latest trend. Visits the market, shops and popular shops to see what people are chasing after. Notice what is happening in your environment, find out what people are rushing to buy every now and then.
we will be using Facebook to sell your product, there are millions of Nigerians who are ready to pay for your products online via social media what you need to do is to look for way to reach them, I will show you how to reach your customers using Facebook ads and other marketing methods you need to follow to reach your targeted audience with click of a button.

How to order your product on
this is where the problem is since you don’t know how to speak the Chinese language, but there is a way out, currently, I am using 2 logistics companies anytime I want
to order on I will search for the product I want to order and select the cheapest with high quality I will now send the product link to the logistic company on WhatsApp they will tell me both the product cost and the shipping, I will now make payment.
The logistics company will now process my order and deliver it within 3 to 7 days and I will start selling my products online using Facebook ads.
This is the only way you can order from

click here to download  the complete mini importation guide


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